Just Like Grandma Used to Make

There is no secret to bread making. The ingredients are well known. The recipes are age old and have remained virtually unchanged, and the method is rock solid. So, how is it possible that some people can make fantastic bread that will make your knees buckle the moment the aroma wafts into the air, and some people bake bricks with the same recipe, ingredients and method? It’s a harsh comparison I know, but we all know it’s true. I suspect it’s the same reason some can have the exact same pigments, canvas and brushes DaVinci had, but couldn’t paint a respectable smiley face. It is simply the way it is. Also, having 100 years of experience doesn’t hurt either.

Baking bread is more than a craft, it is a culinary art. You can even research and study bread science and the molecular structure of the ingredients and analyze the methods and employ cold, calculated laboratory experiments to gather all the empirical data possible, and still never figure out how Grandma did it.

Bread has been a staple here on Earth for time out of mind and it is still one of the best foods mankind has ever created. And the artisans of bread-making are revered in every society in the world, especially granny, however, if you live in or near the Cincinnati Ohio area, you are certainly familiar with some of the finest organic bread there is.

Now, the word “Organic” has become very popular these days, but the truth is, the bread artisans have always been organic with their recipes. These days it simply includes a denser nutrition content and fewer if any of the modern-day preservatives or additives. The masters of bread baking will, of course, have their private recipes; which have, in the best cases, been passed down from generation to generation. Those recipes are closely guarded, and rightfully so. We appreciate and respect those true masters of the culinary arts. What would we do without them?

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The loafs that come from these, the finest bakers around, are so versatile and the varieties are so wonderful, that bread is looked upon, even by myself, as miraculous. Enjoying a simple, plain slice or including it in one of your famous Dagwood masterpieces, bread has enhanced our lives in the simplest of ways. Yet the history of the humble loaf is far from simple. Thousands of years of evolution are included in each and every slice, and the organic whole grain; multi-grain; wheat and even the more exotic honey wheat and sprouted wheat are merely a few samples from a broad range of organic delights which come in many forms other than loaf.

Making organic a part of your daily life is a no brainer and the benefits may be hotly debated these days, but there is simply no evidence anywhere that can knock down bread; the king of the hill. Bread will never go away and will only ever get better. I’m getting some now.