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Tips for Lake Weed Removal

There are different ways that you can get rid of the lake weeds. Every year there are lake weeds that will grow despite the fact that people are putting in effort to control these weeds by harvesting, using herbicides, or even the lake draw downs among other ways. The fact is that some of these methods used are effective but sometimes they seem to make the problem worse.

Sometimes when you cut, rake, pull or blow the weeds you have to be extra careful not to make the problem worse. Be careful when you use the above mentioned methods so that you do not spread the problem to other areas of the lake. The fragments and the seeds will sink into the lake bottom, and then they will grow and they can even take root where many thousands of new lake weeds will grow and this means that the above mentioned methods are not long term.

Among the different ways to prevent the lake weed growth and to eliminate them, there is one method that will be more effective and convenient and understanding all of them will give you the best opportunity to select the best. Some of these weeds like the duckweed can be dangerous to other native lake species and they can grow anytime meaning when this happens you have to be ready to tackle the problem and prevent the spread. Different methods can be used to used which includes.

Always start with prevention because this is better than cure. When you have a lake that is steeply sloped, then the weeds will find it hard to grow, but if the lake has shallow margins, then the weeds can grow with ease.

If the weeds have spread, and you feel that the use of hands will not be as effective, then you can use the underwater weed cutter. The underwater weed cutter is very effective when you are dealing with stubborn lake weeds.

The other effective process of removing the lake weed thorough the drawdown technique. The drawdown technique is when there is a continued freezing of the lake water where the plans are exposed, and they cannot transport nutrients, and they stop growing and spreading.

Another method that one can get rid of the lake weeds is by using the herbicides. The herbicide is the chemicals which are effective in killing the aquatic weeds. When you make use of the herbicides in the right manner and proportions you can easily get rid lake weeds in the right way. Excess lake weeds can destroy the lake species and so only the right proportions should be used.

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